Seeder 3 Row




Increase production by seeding multiple rows in a single pass.

A great choice for high-density crops like salad greens, carrots, and even cover crops; this seeder makes quick work of sowing multiple rows of small to medium-size seed. By pairing custom rollers to the seed size you are sowing, you can achieve high accuracy.

• Customizable frames allow you to add hoppers to your system and increase your seeding capacity as the needs of your business grow
• Virtually eliminates seed waste and the need for thinning, saving you money and labor
• Accurate seeding in a variety of soil conditions
• Better germination rates as a result of improved seed-to-soil contact

• Interchangeable gears allow you to easily adjust seeding density in-row
• Transparent quick-release hopper (0.26 gallon) allows you to monitor seed level; includes a convenient sizing gauge for selecting the appropriate roller size; and makes it easy to change out rollers and seed in the field
• Includes standard shoes (one for each hopper) which are adjustable for proper depth control when seeding
• Handle can be adjusted for height
• Rear press wheel covers the seed for better seed-to-soil contact
• Includes a set of six sprockets for adjusting in-row spacing: #9, #10, #13, #14, and (2) #11
• Additional shoes and accessories also available


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